Q1. If you want to know running offers

Answer. Then visit at site www.atozmarketingkit.in there you will get details all running offer details or check the menu



Q1.1 Whats are the difference between 399, 499, or 999 plan 

Answer. In 399 or 499 plan you will get whats app software for onetime there will not be any free updates for you 

if you pay 999 plan then you will get free updates for whats app software till One Year. so choose you plan wisely  

and whose so ever have bought 149 offer 99 offer. they will also not receive any free updates for bulk whats app software form month of SEPT 2021

Q 2.  If you are looking for customer support

Answer. Then chat at what’s app number 7982506651 and type 9 or more options will be there to help you follow those instructions


Q3.  If you want to talk on a phone call for support or info

Answer. Phone support is not available of info which is already available at website phone support will be available only in ( if you have followed all rules and still your problem is not resolved. if you did not follow rules or see a demo of how things work then no customer support available so please read all instructions and follow all rules


Q4.  if you have made payment and kit not received

Answer. If you have made the payment so wait at least 5 min to 4 hours or max to max (2 days) and please check your mailbox or spam box by the name of atoz marketing kit

And if you have made payment in the night so please wait till next evening till 10 pm. you will get an email for sure and do not be impatient. This is 100% grantee you will get an email for sure

Because we do work manually


Q5.  If you having an issue (while downloading file or extraction)

Answer. If you are facing an issue after downloading software while extracting (damaged or format) then before downloading turn off window defender or turn off antivirus. Then download it again if still facing that issue then download this software to repair that damaged file then this is referral website

www.bitrecover.com/free/zip-repair or you can find yourself any website to solve this issue or you can do YouTube. Do not call for this issue. Because it would be your system or antivirus issue.



Q6.  If you are looking for what’s app key or Google map key in a pack of 30 in 1 or 40 in 1

Answer. If you want to get the What’s app activation key then after opening the what’s app there will be a request key in the box copy that key and mail us at vivekpanchalsv3@gmail.com with your registered email id. The team will send that activation key soon. No need to make a call after sending an email team will automatically give a reply to your email

And we provide only one key. If you upgrade your system or format your system. Then you need a key so that time you need buys the key again. We will not send any key after sending it once


if you are looking for a G map key then mail us with your registered email id that your need G Map key and the Gmap key is available only in 30 in 1 pack of 40 in 1 pack


Q7.  if you have bought a kit from us and looking for a new update for WhatsApp

Answer. whenever you buy a kit from us we provide you telegram channel link. You must join that and read all instructions there on how to update. Because for WhatsApp every update will be available there apart from this we do not provide any update for any software only what’s app update as per your plan


Q8.  when will the downloading time be available or (Lifetime Access)

Answer. Downloading time will be available only for 30 days. It’s clearly mentioned in the doc file also and software will be lifetime which you will download not links. So do not ask any questions about this

Or if you miss the chance to download this will be your mistake not ours and we will not send another mail after sending once your the kit.



Q9.  what about resells rights

Answer. You cannot resell any products if you will do or you resell our links to anyone. And we find out then you will face consequences

Only bonus you can resell (affiliates or PLR )


Q10.  if you are facing any issue with WhatsApp (like .net or CefSharp.Core.dll”)

Answer. Then visit at site wahelp.carrd.co and follow instruction’s there for (CefSharp.Core.dll) this error download error no 2 or for .net issue upgrade you window


Q11.  what about the number ban from WhatsApp

Answer. With this software, you can send bulk msg to bulk numbers. If your number got blocked by WhatsApp so we are not responsible for this. So please do not bother us with this

We can let you know some tricks how to use

 in what’s app software click setting there will time duration which is 1 to 2 sec so make it 20 to 30 sec

 if you are using it the first time then first time send msg to your friends or family member’s so that you can have some conversations with them then send msg only 30 to 50 msg and wait for 30 minutes to send msg again to other number’s and try to have conversations with your clients

 Try to use a mobile hotspot to avoid a ban after sending msg you can turn off airplane mode or again turn on then send msg again

 And if you need tips for the business sender



Business WhatsApp Sender allows you to easily communicate with recipients that expect to receive your messages (Eg. clients, students, patients, etc..), and it’s NOT A SPAM TOOL. We are not responsible if you got banned.


Below are some tips to reduce the risk of being banned:

We suggest not use your main personal account (you can use a new account number)

 Just try to use your new account for few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it

 Send account number (that you want use it to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it

 When you start send bulk from a new account start with small bulks

 Join Open WhatsApp Groups and make some conversation their

 Try to write a message in a way that recipients does not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts)

 Try to use Multi-Message and/or Spintax options on the application, which allow you to write the same message in a different way

 Add your numbers and your friend’s number that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialogue with them after x amount of messages

 Give your account more credibility by joining groups

 Do not send more than 600 messages per hour. WhatsApp has a unique capping option where you can tell WhatsApp when to stop sending messages.

 Put Flight Mode For 10 Sec To Change Mobile IP Dynamically









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